Ang dahilan ng pg gawa ko ng blog na ANTI MAR BLOG ay para malaman ng mga Pilipino ang dahilang kung bakit hindi dapat iboto si Mar Roxas. Bakit ko ito ginagawa? Dahil isa ako sa mga biktima sa mga kapalpakan nitong Mr. Palengke na ito.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Happier Days: Mar and Korina Visits the Quintuplets

Remember Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fernandez, parents of the quintuplets born under difficult circumstances at a Jose Memorial Medical Center (JMMC) Hospital? Well, it seems that after giving them a measly 20,000 pesos by vice-presidentiable and billionaire, Senator Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez, the family was left to fend for themselves. Two of the babies already died because of inadequate funds, and only three remain alive. And the family is seriously asking for the public’s help.
The remaining three kids are under serious condition in a Manila hospital because two of the babies were diagnosed with hernia. They need immediate medical attention, particularly a cranial scan.
Gary Fernandez, the babie’s father said he was truly disappointed with Mar Roxas, who sought his family and expressed desire to help them. After a full media conference with them, and taking their photos with the Senator which were plastered as banner stories in newspapers and television, Gary said they were just given 20,000 pesos and some clothes and baby’s milk by the Senator. Roxas reportedly assured them of his help but, until now, nothing came out of that promise of assistance.
Lack of funds and support caused the lives of Korina Ysabel and Marie Loralaine and only Sarah, Erika and Wenna Mavinia remain alive.
Gary said his two babies could have been saved from death, had Roxas fulfilled his promise of at least helping them raise funds for the medical expenses. Medicines for the babies cost 25,000 each per vial, and they were not able to raise the amount

KORINA'S hidden agenda vs LOREN??

Now, that the famous newscaster is banged up with lawsuits in her way because of her expose, rumongers are digging more of the story. The expose is rumored to be a plot to ruin Senator Loren Legarda who happens to be LUCIDA DS product endorser.

In the said report of Korina, it was found out that the product is fake because it only weighs 4.4 mg while the real one should have 5.4 Vaniderm which is supposed to be 500 mg in exact measurement. This is base on the test done by Philippine Institute of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

Lucida will file lawsuits via nationwide route on almost all the branches it has in the Philippines.The libel case will sort of have a tour then? I wonder how this will affect Lucida’s latest endorsement which has Gabby Concepcion in the helm. ABS-CBN has already released an official statement on this and Korina will not retract her statements.

korina sanchez faces lawsuits

This controversy according to rumors was planned to destruct Loren Legarda's 2010 vice-presidential candidacy. And why would Korina do that? because Sen. Loren is pitted against Korina’s boyfriend, another senator, Mar Roxas.

Do not let KORINA be a DOÑA

A true Dona Victorina. That is how I describe Korina Sanchez. And to think that I was one of a few who defends her from tragic remarks against her by some of Mar Roxas' relatives and other media colleagues.

Korina Sanchez, erstwhile fiance of Senator Mar Roxas, is again on the warpath. After Mar lost the Liberal Party nomination, Korina went on a rampage. She first engaged Inquirer columnist Conrad de Quiros, accusing him of disparaging Mar thru his daily column. Then, she trained her guns against Senator Kiko Pangilinan, practically accusing the senator of kawalang utang na loob.

I thought that that was the last of Korina’s outburst. However, today, I chanced to see an article, with a glaring scoop on Korina Sanchez’ letter to the ABS-CBN management, asking for RG Cruz’s head.

RG Cruz, one of the most active traditional journalist in the web, is being accused by Korina of writing negative remarks against her in his Facebook account.

She virtually described RG Cruz as a relative unknown, a guy with dubious fashion taste and with a cloak and dagger personality. To my mind, Korina is entitled to comment on RG Cruz’s fashion sense. That’s her right.

But, to ask for that poor guy’s head over some personal remarks over Facebook reflects the true nature of Korina as a domineering mayordoma in that household called Kapamilya channel.

RG Cruz is entitled to his own opinions and views. For Korina to stifle his right to free expression shows you how stupid Korina is. Let me rephrase this—it shows how fake Korina is.

She demands that government respects every right of each and every citizen, when deep down inside her lurks a dictator ready to pounce on hapless journalists like RG Cruz and Conrad de Quiros. It’s downright okey if Korina just wrote a letter to RG Cruz asking him why he thinks about her that way. But, for her to use her “enormous powers and influence” and breath down on this guy just because of what he believes in, that’s too much.

Please dont vote Mar Roxas, baka maging accessory pa tayo in bringing her to the palace, another Imelda Marcos.

Monday, December 14, 2009

KORINA NAKADEMANDA sa maraming lugar sa PILIPINAS. dahil hindi totoo ang BINALITA

Nagbabanta nga raw ng kasong libelo ang United Shelter Health Product senior vice president na si Maribel Galindez kay Korina Sanchez, dahil umano sa report na inilabas ng broadcast journalist sa mga programa nito na diumano’y nandaya ang kumpanya sa mga produkto, partikular na ang Lucida-DS Glutathione na iniendorso nina Gabby Concepcion at Sen. Loren Legarda.

Hindi raw ito basta-basta demanda, we were told, dahil sasampahan ng kaso ng kumpanya si Korina sa iba’t ibang lugar sa Pilipinas, tulad ng Davao, Iloilo, GenSan, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Iligan at Zamboanga.

Ang mga business partner daw ng Lucida sa mga nabanggit na lugar ang magsasampa ng kaso.

Kung matutuloy, hitsurang may nationwide tour si Korina sa pagdalo sa hearing ng kaso.

Hindi namin napanood ang expose ni Korina hinggil sa nasabing gamot, but we were told na ibinase lang umano ng broadcast journalist ang report sa resulta ng test ng Bureau of Food and Drug (BFAD).

Pero sa official statement ng United Shelter Health Product na naglabasan, nakasaad dito na “we are not fake” at puwede raw tawagan ang BFAD hotline tungkol dito.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Sen. Mar Roxas and his fiancée, popular TV and radio broadcaster Korina Sanchez, have revealed what their gift for each other will be on their wedding night: their virginity.

In an exclusive interview with Good Times Manila, the couple admitted that they are saving themselves for the day they tie the knot in May (on Election Day). Roxas is reportedly eyeing the vice-presidency in 2010.

“You know, I believe that purity is the best gift a woman can give to her husband. There is no gift that is more special than that,” Sanchez said.

si korina virgin pa?!.. i dont think so, sa dami dami nya naging boyfriend ssbhin niya na vigrinity ang gift niya?! Pano maniniwala ang mga tao sa sinasabi niya e ang tagal nila nalive in ni Pol Aquino,At kalt na kalat ang balitang every week daw ay nghihire siya ng callboy.

list of Korina previous relationship
1.Noynoy Aquino
2.Ted Failon
3.Pol Aquino
4.Ping Lacson
5.Mon Tulfo
6. callboys


Friday, December 11, 2009

Mar's lead DROPS 9% in November SWS survey

Senator Mar Roxas lost nine statistical points in just a span of three months as seen in the latest survey of the Social Weather Station(SWS) on the preferred vice presidential candidates of Filipino voters in next year's elections.

From a rating of 40 percent in the Sept. 18-21 SWS survey, Roxas plunged to a rating of 31 percent in the Nov. 4-8 SWS survey which used face-to-face interviews of 1,200 registered voters divided into random samples of 300 each in Metro Manila, the balance of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Mar Roxas must be swearing at himself for dropping by nine points in the November SWS survey adn by 8 points in the latest Pulse Asia survey. But this pretender only has himself to blame because he angered Filipinos for desecrating the sacrament of marriage. By golly, Mar Roxas has no shame as he tried to milk his showbizy marriage to another unsavory character in Korina Sanchez last Oct. 27 to gain political mileage. As if his corny antics as Mr. Palengke and Tadyak Padyak were not stupid enough, he played the role of a teary eyed groom to Korina on national television. Yuck! With his mug, who did he think he was? Pierce Brosnan? By the time the election comes, he'll be dead last in the survey


"P_____ ina! Ano ba to?...Patayin ang Gloria-forever Cha-cha"
Roxas shouted!

!@#$%^&*! anu 2? gawain ba to ng matinong senador?! in front of all people. Bigla siyang magsasabi ng ganito?!

for me, anong sense ng pagmumura in public?!nagpapa astig lang tong si Mr. Palengke(now Mr. Palengkero). Siguro sa palagay niya by doing this mas tataas ang ratings niya sa mga tao, feeling niya siguro mas kakampi sa kanya ang masa sa ginawa nya!..Pero para sakin binigyan niya lang ng isa pang reason ang mga tao para makitang wla siyang kwenta.

Hindi man lang niya inisip ang mga taong makakarinig nito!?!

Senador ba to?! o TAMBAY SA KANTO?!