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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Do not let KORINA be a DOÑA

A true Dona Victorina. That is how I describe Korina Sanchez. And to think that I was one of a few who defends her from tragic remarks against her by some of Mar Roxas' relatives and other media colleagues.

Korina Sanchez, erstwhile fiance of Senator Mar Roxas, is again on the warpath. After Mar lost the Liberal Party nomination, Korina went on a rampage. She first engaged Inquirer columnist Conrad de Quiros, accusing him of disparaging Mar thru his daily column. Then, she trained her guns against Senator Kiko Pangilinan, practically accusing the senator of kawalang utang na loob.

I thought that that was the last of Korina’s outburst. However, today, I chanced to see an article, with a glaring scoop on Korina Sanchez’ letter to the ABS-CBN management, asking for RG Cruz’s head.

RG Cruz, one of the most active traditional journalist in the web, is being accused by Korina of writing negative remarks against her in his Facebook account.

She virtually described RG Cruz as a relative unknown, a guy with dubious fashion taste and with a cloak and dagger personality. To my mind, Korina is entitled to comment on RG Cruz’s fashion sense. That’s her right.

But, to ask for that poor guy’s head over some personal remarks over Facebook reflects the true nature of Korina as a domineering mayordoma in that household called Kapamilya channel.

RG Cruz is entitled to his own opinions and views. For Korina to stifle his right to free expression shows you how stupid Korina is. Let me rephrase this—it shows how fake Korina is.

She demands that government respects every right of each and every citizen, when deep down inside her lurks a dictator ready to pounce on hapless journalists like RG Cruz and Conrad de Quiros. It’s downright okey if Korina just wrote a letter to RG Cruz asking him why he thinks about her that way. But, for her to use her “enormous powers and influence” and breath down on this guy just because of what he believes in, that’s too much.

Please dont vote Mar Roxas, baka maging accessory pa tayo in bringing her to the palace, another Imelda Marcos.

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