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Sunday, December 27, 2009

KORINA'S hidden agenda vs LOREN??

Now, that the famous newscaster is banged up with lawsuits in her way because of her expose, rumongers are digging more of the story. The expose is rumored to be a plot to ruin Senator Loren Legarda who happens to be LUCIDA DS product endorser.

In the said report of Korina, it was found out that the product is fake because it only weighs 4.4 mg while the real one should have 5.4 Vaniderm which is supposed to be 500 mg in exact measurement. This is base on the test done by Philippine Institute of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

Lucida will file lawsuits via nationwide route on almost all the branches it has in the Philippines.The libel case will sort of have a tour then? I wonder how this will affect Lucida’s latest endorsement which has Gabby Concepcion in the helm. ABS-CBN has already released an official statement on this and Korina will not retract her statements.

korina sanchez faces lawsuits

This controversy according to rumors was planned to destruct Loren Legarda's 2010 vice-presidential candidacy. And why would Korina do that? because Sen. Loren is pitted against Korina’s boyfriend, another senator, Mar Roxas.

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